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In Australia, approximately one in four women aged over 50 and one in two women aged over 80 have osteoporosis. As peak bone mass is thought to be attained by the end of the third decade, young adulthood may be the last opportunity to change this risk factor. The response of bone to exercise is highly dependent on the nature of the activity. It is known that exercises that place bone under large amounts of strain or apply very rapid loads show the largest improvements in bone strength. We aim to compare two exercise types known to have an effect on bone mass. Specifically, we will compare the bone response of a 10-month, twice-weekly, high intensity impact exercise regime (boxing and jump training) with a 10-month, twice weekly, high intensity resistance training regime (weights).

  • percent

    over 50 years old have osteoporosis

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    over 80 years old have osteoporosis

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    estimated peak bone mass

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The Research Team

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Mr. Conor Lambert

PhD Candidate
BExSc (Hons), MPhty

Allied Health Sciences
Griffith University, Gold Coast
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Dr. Benjamin Weeks

BPhty(Hons), BExSc,
GCertHigherEd, PhD

Senior Lecturer
Allied Health Sciences
Griffith University, Gold Coast
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Prof. Belinda Beck


Allied Health Sciences
Griffith University, Gold Coast

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